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Please use the links below to navigate around our website map, as you will see this website has a great deal of content and we have done our best to divide it up into sections. Please use the site map if you cannot find what you are looking for in the menu or are looking for a specific page.

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About Play Therapy About PTA
About Play Therapy
Axline Principles
Clinical Supervision
Therapeutic Play Continuum
    Continuum Background
    Definition Matrix
    Defining Variables
    Frequently Asked Questions
        Question 1
        Question 2
        Question 3
        Question 4
        Question 5
        Question 6
        Question 7
Child Psychotherapy & Clinical Psychology
Filial Therapy & Play Definition
Finding Therapeutic Help
Therapeutic play and play therapy - what's the difference?

Deciding what to do
Play Definition
Different uses of play to alleviate problems
How does therapeutic play work?
Play Therapy - Evidence it works
Play Safe!
Play Therapy Definition
Play Therapy ToolKit
Play Work Definition
Severity Guidelines
Therapeutic Play Definition
Therapeutic Play Work Definition
Users & Commissioners of Play Therapy

  About PTA
Articles of Association
Our Constitution & Structure
Importance of Certification
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Our Objectives
Our Values
Our Privacy Policy
Information for Professional Practitioners
PTA History
Our Purpose and Mission
Research Policies and Results
Our Role in Professional Regulation
Standing Orders
Terms and Conditions of Use
Who Are We For?
Working With Other Professional Bodies

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General Website Career Development
Site Map
Home page
Search Website
Contacting PTA

  Career Advice (form)
Career Development in Therapeutic Play
    Four Stage Training Model
    Career Development Map - Part 1
    Career Development Map - Part 2
    Career Development in Therapeutic Play & Play Therapy

Entry to the Play Therapy Profession
Placement Services
Portfolio Working
Guidance on Remuneration Scales
Systemic View of Play Therapy

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Clinical Governance Consultancy Services
SEPACTO - Database of Play Therapy Outcomes

Clinical Governance
Regulation of the Play Therapy Profession

  Consultancy Services
Professional Support Services

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Helping Children Membership
Conditions - a short check list
Helping Children

  Membership Application Form
Membership Benefits
PTA Membership Grades and Fees
Membership Resources
PTA Membership Benefits
PTA Membership Services
PTA Register of Play Therapists and Practitioner Members

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News Play Therapy Dimensions Model (PTDM)
PTA News Page
  Play Therapy Dimensions Model
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Publications Resources
Publications and Books
Journal 'Play for Life'
Popular Play Therapy Books
    Book Review - Classroom Tales
    Book Review - Drama Therapy
    Book Review - Expressive in Trauma
    Book Review - Introduction To PowerPoint
    Book Review - Therapeutic Story Writing
    Book Review - Therapists In Court

  Resources Index
Other Websites (form)
Other Organisations with Interests Related to Play Therapy
Articles & Papers
    Article - Guidelines for Referral
    Article - An Introduction to Play Therapy
    Article - Empiricism - Questions for Today and Tomorrow

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SEPACTO Standards
Database of Play Therapy Practice Based Evidence
  Standards for Play Therapy, Therapeutic Play and Filial Play

Profession Structure Model
    Competencies - Categories and Profiles
    Play Therapy & Filial Play Competencies
    Use of Competencies by Employers
    Use of Competencies by Practitioners
    Filial Play Coach/Mentor Competency Profile
    Play Therapist Competency Profile
    Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
    Profession Structure Model Illustrative Example of a Competence

Ethical Framework - Introduction
    Maintaining Competent Practice
    Fitness to Practice
    Good Quality of Care
    When Things Go Wrong
    Play and Creative Arts Therapies - Keeping Trust

    Personal Qualities Required
        Principle - Autonomy
        Principle - Beneficence
        Principle - Fidelity
        Principle - Justice
        Principle - Non-Maleficence
        Principle - Self Respect
    Probity in Practice
    Professional Conduct Practice
    Ethical Framework for Research
    Practitioner's Responsibilities to All Clients
    Supervision & Management
    Teaching & Training - Ethical Framework for Working Therapeutically With Children

    Values Informing the Ethical Framework
    Working With Colleagues

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Training Courses / Venues
APAC Introductory Course Application Form
Post Graduate Certificate Training Course - Reasons for Success and Good Value

Twelve reasons why the PTA/APAC play therapy courses are so successful and are the best value

Research - Student's Clinical Outcomes
Certificate in Filial Play Coaching/Mentoring
Course Details - Play Workshops
Training as a Play Therapy Trainer
In-House & Local Group Training
About APAC - Content of Courses
About APAC - Students' Comments
Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills
APAC Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills Course Enquiry Form

Accredited Diploma Course Details
Accredited Diploma Enquiry Form
Accredited Introductory Course Details
APAC Introductory Course Application Form
Accredited Programme - MA in Practised Based Play Therapy
APAC Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills Course Enquiry Form

Accredited Supervision Course Details
Course Details - Foundation in Dance Movement Therapy Studies

Accredited Course Details - Skills for Counselling Young People

Course Details - Playback Theatre
Course Details - Master of Music Therapy (MMT)
Accredited Training Programme Details
Accredited Training Location - La Mouline
Accredited Summer School Programme Details
Accredited Summer School Diploma Course Details
Training Courses
    Training - Other Courses
    Accredited Play Therapy and Therapeutic Play Training Courses
    PTI and IBECPT Information
Course Venue - Dance Voice Therapy Centre
Course Venue - Mary Dawson Rainbows

Course Venue - Leigh Court, Bristol
Course Venue - Courses, Dates & Cost

Course Venue - Buckden Towers, Buckden, Cambridgeshire
Course Venue - Courses, Dates & Cost

Course Venue - All Hallows College, Dublin
Course Venue - Courses, Dates & Cost

Course Venue - The Scottish Health Service Centre (SHSC), Edinburgh
Course Venue - Courses, Dates & Cost

Course Venue - Isle Play Centre, Newport, IOW
Course Venue - Courses, Dates & Cost

Course Venue - Wentworth Castle, Barnsley
Course Venue - Courses, Dates & Cost

Course Venue - Quarry Bank Mill, Styal, Manchester
Course Venue - General Details
Course Venue - Courses, Dates & Cost

Course Venue - Salomon's, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Course Venue - Courses, Dates & Cost

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