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Users & Commissioners of Play Therapy

This page helps you to find more detailed information as a parent/carer, a professional organisation or as an individual interested in working therapeutically with children.

As a parent, carer or someone who knows of a child who could benefit from play therapy or therapeutic play to improve emotional literacy or alleviate a behaviour or mental health problem. Accessing play therapy services.

As a professional organisation concerned with the care of children:

Understand the main therapeutic applications of play.

Use the PTA Profession Structure Model (PSM) to help you to plan and manage the delivery of play therapy services based upon a competency framework.

Provide staff development through PTA's Training Resources

Find out about the benefits of joining  PTA as a corporate member.

Discover the advisory services provided by PTA.

As someone interested in acquiring therapeutic play and play therapy skills

Understand which children can benefit the main therapeutic applications of play.

Look at career development. possibilities.

Identify the competencies required as a practitioner and training opportunities.

Find out about the benefits of joining  PTI

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