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Play Continuum Frequently Asked Questions

Question 5: Are Art, Drama, Music Therapists also Play Therapists? We’ve got an Art Therapist so why should we need a Play Therapist as well?


They may be if they work integratively by using a ‘tool box’ of techniques which includes the use of other creative arts apart from their speciality or original discipline. In some cases Play Therapists, who may be regarded as generalists, wish to specialise in a particular technique and qualify additionally as one of these creative arts therapists. In other cases these therapists also train as Play Therapists.

All children have different needs. Play therapy provides an environment for self healing and development based upon how the children wish to express themselves not what the therapist chooses to provide. Some children will choose art (as an example) but many children will benefit through some other form of expression: music, dance and movemet, storytelling, sandplay, drama, puppets, clay, creative visualisation etc Some children will benefit from a single specialised therapy.

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