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Filial Play & Filial Therapy Definition

Filial play and filial therapy are relatively recent applications that use play to help infants under the age of 3 as well as children up to the age of 14, in their mental and emotional development which for some reason, such as attachment issues, may be impaired. It is also designed to improve parent/child relationships.

Filial therapy also directly involves parent(s) and carer(s). One method is to provide parents/carers with basic play therapy skills to use at home, However there are ethical issues to be considered as well as the pressure being put on parents to carry out 'therapy' The preferred PTI approach is to provide coaching/mentoring for parents/carers in nurturing skills and how to play non-directively with their children. PTI has recently accredited the APAC 'Filial Play Coach/Mentor Certificate' course.

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